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Audits - Development

Jemco Executive use our external partner for Due Diligence, Audits, Organizational- and Management development. Human Content has developed a suite of tools and methods based on the collective international knowledge of occupational psychology. The suite provides the most complete understanding of organisations needs and people's characteristics, and how to use this to get the best rationale for evaluations and decisions that impact people in the organisation. We want to assist our customers to increase the likelihood of reaching their goals.

Strategic recruitment: When you need to know what needs to the greatest extent contribute to the success of the organisation, and you want to map this for a tailored recruitment process.

Organisasional analysis: When you need to know how well the organisation fits the needs to reach its goals, and prioritise the activities most likely to produce success.

Leadership: When you need to make sure that you have the leaders it takes to succeed, that they fully understand what is expected. We differentiate leadership roles and recommend which tasks and responsibilities are most critical for the organisation, and how they are allocated to leaders more likely to succeed.

Teams: When you need to be sure that groups succeed, from operative work groups to the top level leadership groups and board. We clarify the expectations of the team and each individual, resolve conflicts and stimulate to better allocation of tasks and responsibiliteis, strenthening group dynamics in and outside the team.