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With a drive to solve your recruitment demand

We believe - to secure a successful result we need an experienced, motivated and hard-working team. Our clients will verify that Jemco Executive has a proven track record in identifying the right candidate. Working with passion, we are all experienced partners with an updated network and knowhow of candidate interest and movement in the market. Of course, we don’t know all the candidates and will do a full market research to make sure our clients get the best potential candidate available. We work with our network seeking advice from highly regarded professionals within the relevant industry, to get their best recommendations. We will only present relevant and motivated candidates for the job in question and put pride in giving the client a choice of the best.

Our assignments are never easy, and we have developed expertise to solve client demand within the given time frame. Our experience, methods and network, together with updated recruitment tools, give us a unique ability to identify, select and introduce the right candidate for the job. We solve your recruitment demand to secure company strategies and goals. Jemco Executive has good experience from Executive search and is also well known for finding the specialist that "cannot be found”. We will always provide follow-up with relevant updates for all involved parties and maintain their confidential interest.

The sector graphs show solved assignments in the period between 2011 - 2021.

Positions solved in the same periode as the sector graph includes, C-level, Vice Presidents, HR, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Project management, Engineers, Procurement. IT, R&D and administration.